We integrate with wallet providers, allowing them to offer bespoke risk management services to their customers.

We work behind the scenes to ensure that your customers are protected against the volatile crypto markets.

With at your side, your customers’ assets are more stable, and your revenue stream is secured.


Easy integration.

Our services are offered entirely via an API. This allows you to offer our risk management to your existing customers via your existing UI. Our functionalities let your users select which currency they want to protect, and how much growth they want to achieve.

Risk Management

Bespoke Risk Management.

Each end-user can select the methodology: be it static or dynamic. Protection doesn’t mean that they have to let go of the crypto growth potential entirely. With our dynamic approach, it’s really up to them… No financial knowledge required. Select a protection level, click confirm… and voila! works behind the scenes, 24/7.

Easy for end-user

Always in control.

At any time, your end-user can change the level of risk protection, the method used or they can even stop protecting their assets. They’re in control.

Crypto providers benefit too. With a greater asset stability, their crypto revenue stream becomes more predictable.

Key Features

What services do we offer?

We offer institutional level risk management solutions to crypto service providers. Our API offers an easy way to integrate us into an existing app or UI, enabling you to provide some protection against volatile markets to your end-clients… in (almost) all major cryptocurrencies.

Crypto growth, made safer

Cryptos are volatile, but we can help. Your client can rely on our dynamic strategy to capture the growth of cryptos without having to HODL. They can chose to risk a little or a lot… it’s up to them.

Funds are always secured will never come close to your clients’ crypto assets. Not now, not ever. We work with recognised derivative exchanges and reputable custodians to offer solutions that are safe for everyone.

Bespoke Services

Bespoke risk management services are usually available to institutional investors. With, you clients can enjoy the same level of services, even with small amounts. All directly through your app.

Who We Are

Erica, Co-Founder

Erica has a vast legal background in multiple countries, but is also a blockchain development enthusiast!

During her career, Erica worked for some of the largest hedge funds and asset management companies in the world.

Pascal, Co-Founder

Pascal held prestigious roles at major investment banks for many years, working in derivative modelling and structuring.

He is an experienced financial engineer, but also a total geek. Programming is more than a job, it’s a passion!

Contact us

Let’s talk business!

Contact us if you are a service provider or a venture capital. Our email is simple, it’s just ‘info’ at our domain. We’ll be happy to talk business!

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